Athena eReporting

Athena Corporate eReporting
Online Corporate Reporting System

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With Athena Corporate eReporting system, travel agencies are now able to deliver online and real-time reporting facilities to their corporate clients.

Corporate clients are able to retrieve their own financial and travel reports based on purchases of travel products from the travel agency. Information provided includes travel expenses report by specific dates, airlines and hotels usage, statement of accounts, and other travel-related reports.

The system is also able to generate charts and graphs, for example to show the usage of different airline carriers for the month or the year.


Athena Corporate eReporting relies on the data transmitted from Athena Bookings, which includes all financial data such as selling price, discount and rebates given to the corporate.

In this manner, Corporate will be able to retrieve complete travel-related information including insurance, service fees and other travel arrangements.


With Athena Corporate eReporting, corporate travel agencies are equipped to deliver better services to their corporate and at the same time reduce operating overheads in manual generation of reports.

Key Features:

  • Online and real-time retrieval of travel-related reports
  • Flexible selection of reporting period and other parameters, e.g. specific airline or passenger
  • Access rights are issued by the travel agency to specific corporate
  • Developed using Microsoft .NET, utilising XML and web-services
  • Integrated with Athena Bookings to achieve seamless data integration

System Requirement:

  • Xeon server with 16 Gbytes RAM
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 or above
  • IIS ver. 7.0 or above
  • Microsoft® SQLServer 2008 or above
  • High bandwidth connection to Internet