Athena eBookings

Athena eBookings
Online Travel Reservation System
(Corporate and Retail edition)  

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Athena eBookings is an IBE (Internet Travel Booking Engine) providing a facility where consumers can book their own travel products through the Internet. With Athena eBookings, travel suppliers are able to diversify distribution channel and provide convenience for their customers to view travel information, locate and search for products (tour packages, air, hotel and others), make a reservation and retrieve previous bookings.

Athena eBookings is applicable for Corporate or Retail users where different workflows of reservation can be configured.


Athena eBookings can be installed independently or integrated with Athena Bookings andMagellan, making a complete travel technology solution.


Fares are supplied by Magellan, and reservations made through Athena eBookings will be automatically exported to Athena Bookings, where consultants are able to manage the bookings without re-keying the data. Similarly, confirmation and status changes are updated in the agency’s Athena Bookings are also reflected in the eBookings.

Athena eBookings infrastructure is developed using Microsoft .NET technology and based on XML and web-services for communication and interface to other systems.

Key Features:

  • Able to book air, hotel and tour packages, insurance and other travel products.
  • Able to book multiple trips with different travel arrangements
  • Developed using Microsoft .NET, utilising XML and web-services
  • Integrated with Athena Magellan for Fares Management
  • Integrated with Athena Bookings to achieve seamless integration with internal agency system

System Requirement:

  • Xeon server with 16 Gbytes RAM
  • Microsoft® Windows 2008 or above
  • IIS ver. 7.0 or above
  • Microsoft® SQLServer 2008 or above
  • High bandwidth connection to Internet