Athena Magellan


Negotiated Fares Management and Distribution System

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Athena Magellan provides fares solution and can be scaled for a travel agency who keeps net fares to wholesalers who provides continuous fares lists to their clients.

Athena Magellan maintains about 14 types of fares from airfares, hotel, car, cruise, ferry to tour packages. It includes a tour packager, which creates tour products comprising itineraries and options (hotel or land choices).

As part of a fares management system, Magellan also provides wide-ranging distribution channels through print, download into Magellan Client edition and through Internet (as part of Athena eBookings).



Athena realizes Fares management is a tedious and laborious process and Magellan has features to reduce repetitive tasks in creating fare data. In addition, Magellan accepts fare imports from Excel and text files that can be used as a master fare copy, i.e. the Excel file is the master fare sheet for changes and addition into Athena Magellan.


When you purchase Athena Magellan license, you will be able to distribute Magellan (Client Edition) free-of-charge as part of the distribution module. Magellan (Client Edition) is a read-only module which search and read Magellan fare files. These fares can be integrated into Athena Bookings.

Key Features:

  • More than 14 types of travel products – air, hotel, car, cruise, ferry, tour packages, and others
  • Import from Excel or text files, which can be used as master fare files
  • Distribute fares through Internet, print, and download facility to Magellan (client Edition)
  • License to distribute Magellan (Client Edition) free-of-charge

System Requirement:

  • Server – Windows 2008 or above
  • Workstations – Windows XP/ 7 / 8 with 8Gbytes RAM, 40 Gbytes harddisk
  • Online Fares Distribution – as part of Athena eBookings system