Athena Warboard


A Business Intelligence Solution

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The product name – WarBoard derives from the table where commanding officers in wartime discuss and plan actions based on the movement of troops and terrains which are laid out on that table. The objective of this product is similar in enabling managers to make decision by the presentation of the real-time data of the agency.

Based on the implementation of Athena Bookings suite, Athena WarBoard further extends the power of automation by offering advance reporting and management functions. This real-time analytical reporting draw from all data – operational and financial, generate performance metrics, and present a pictorial and situational of your current travel business.

Information such as Revenues and Cost are presented with the breakdown of the details of your customers buying patterns – which type of travel products, what kind of itineraries, which suppliers the products are from, and which consultants are selling them.


Senior management or owners of travel agencies will appreciate Athena WarBoard because it is designed for business where success is contingent upon the speed, accuracy, clarity and effectiveness of the data presentation. This solution will empower the organization to plan, analyze and adapt in real time, for better business performance.

This revolutionary business intelligence tool will give a big advantage over the competitors in better management of the agency and plan better for profit maximisation.

Key Features:

  • Interactive real-time data access
  • Fast retrieval and easy to understand data presentation
  • Extensive Reporting Selection Criteria
  • Drill down capability for displaying detailed operational data
  • Multiple reports display at anytime for planning and comparison purposes
  • More than hundreds of reports and combinations offered
  • Auto-update capability

System Requirement:

  • Athena Bookings ver 2.5 (any editions)
  • Workstation with Intel I5 or I7, minimum 8 Gbytes of RAM and at least 21” monitor.
  • High-end Athena server for agency that has large transactions.