Athena Bookings


Athena Bookings is a full-featured solution comprising front, mid and back offices to automate the full process flow of a travel agency. It creates a seamless information flow in all business areas of a travel agency, creating a real-time and accurate data processing within the organisation.

Athena Bookings comes in 5 versions, targeting specific core businesses of the travel agency –

  • Retail Edition – for small to medium retail travel agencies
  • Corporate Edition – for corporate ticketing agencies
  • WholeSale and Tour Edition – for consolidators, wholesalers and tour operators
  • Inbound Edition – for Inbound tour operators
  • Enterprise Edition – for large agencies that have one or more core businesses as shown above.

In general, Athena Bookings functions are applicable for ANY type of travel agency core businesses. The main difference would be the ‘tuning’ and ‘calibration’ of Athena Bookings to suit the workflow of the agency.

In all editions, Athena Bookings has the following core functions:

  1. Profiling – Corporate, Corporate Department, Contact, Client/Traveller and Supplier. Each entity profile contains common information such as names, address, etc. In addition, Athena includes financial parameters e.g. credit limit and aging limit, and CRM information specific to each traveler.
  2. Front Office –
    • Reservation – unlimited bookings per reservation with 16 types of travel products.
    • Documentation – Itinerary, Tour Itinerary, Supplier documents, Invoice, Exchange Order, Voucher, Credit Notes, Receipts, Refund Requisition, etc.
    • Searching – comprehensive searching of bookings using passenger names, departure dates, reference no, invoice no, voucher no, air ticket no, etc.
    • Queue – for efficient management of each consultant’s bookings.
    • Reports – operational reports to manage the agency’s reservations with flexible selections and filters
  3. Back Office –
    • Account Receivable – Debtor Management which includes Deposit, Receipts, Statements and others.
    • Account Payable – Creditor Management which includes EO Payable, BSP reconciliation, Payments, Statements, Airline Sales Return (for non-BSP agencies) and others.
    • Invoice Run Management
    • General Ledger Interface – generate accounting entries to other Accounting packages including Athena Ledger.
  4. Reporting Module –
    • Over 300 reports with numerous selections and filtering criterias
    • Dividing into 6 volumes – Bookings, Sales, Financial, Executive, Client Reports and Listing
    • Constantly being enhanced as Athena includes more reports based on customers’ request.
  5. Personalisation and Preferences – Each user can set their preferences in using Athena Bookings, making full use of the different short-cuts and variables and increasing the productivity in using the system.

Athena Bookings has the complete functions to meet the requirement of each individual operational areas of a travel agency. To view more details, you can select which edition is applicable to your travel agency’s business and learn more on how Athena Bookings can help your agency.